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Garden Design Process

Transform your outdoor space into a haven with our Garden Design service. We pride ourselves on creating stunning gardens that reflect your unique style and personality. We can design a garden that suits your lifestyle, site, and budget, whether you have an urban, rural or coastal garden. Let's create a garden that you'll love to spend time in.



Our garden design process begins with a one-hour on-site consultation, where we listen to your individual needs and vision for your outdoor space. By working with you every step of the way, our design team is able to create a detailed written proposal that covers all aspects of the design process and delivers a plan that meets your goals and fits your lifestyle.


Site Analysis

Your garden’s success starts with a comprehensive site analysis. We take into account the unique environmental factors that impact your garden, including location, sun exposure, soil quality, water availability and existing vegetation. We use this information to design a garden that will thrive for years to come.


Concept Design

We will craft a Concept Design for your dream garden, covering layout details for garden beds, hard surfaces, and structures. Mood boards will capture the look and feel of the garden, while a colour palette, planting wish list and materials palette will bring it all together. We'll collaborate with you to create a garden that perfectly suits your style and space.



Our Masterplan takes your garden design to the next level. We refine the concept design and create detailed drawings to bring your vision to life. Our construction plans, elevations, materials schedules and specifications provide a roadmap for the build, and we include a detailed planting plan and plant schedule to ensure every aspect of your garden is just right.

Create Your Dream Garden with Us

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