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Growing up and living in rural Victoria, Barry McLoughlan and Lee Adams work together as Wired for Living creating sculptural pieces, mainly from recycled fencing wire.

They have participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and have travelled throughout Australia with the former Open Gardens Australia, exhibiting at their major events.

Their slow art realises the potential for elegance in discarded materials and resolves technically difficult problems associated with materials and their behaviour creating unique, sometimes surprisingly large, self-supporting pieces.

Based in Bendigo, working primarily with wire, our work investigates the resurgence of the handmade and the ethics of slowness in an age of mass production. 

Their work explores the conversation between nature, traditional crafts and new technologies.


Built through weaving, pulling and welding, pieces are often dictated by the materials used with forms emerging intuitively, often pushed to their structural limits….imperfection is embraced.

In the absence of machinery or mechanical process, no two pieces can ever be the same.  Celebrations of the artists hand in the age of automation.


Lee and Barry have a garden gallery in Bendigo.

All of the sculptural pieces on display in Nature's Pantry are for sale and available for purchase. Speak with Lee and Barry for more information.


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