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Fiona Brockhoff Design’s coastal, country and urban landscapes are distinctively Australian. They are characterized by their simplicity, relationship with the architecture and surrounding landscape, and the strength of the planting design.  30 years of landscape design across predominantly south-eastern Australia has honed a keen understanding and appreciation of local conditions, aesthetics and materials, and the importance of designing a unique landscape in response to the client, architecture and site combination.  


As each combination is different, the approach is collaborative and adaptive but remains true to the underlying design philosophy.  The materiality of the architecture, the site characteristics and surrounding landscape, and considering how to reduce energy inputs during construction and maintenance is always a consideration.  Where practical, landscapes utilise local materials and recycled elements and incorporate sustainability principles.  Only plants that will thrive in the situation are selected, whether they are exotic or Australian indigenous species, and the constrained plant palette emphasises contrasting plant forms and foliage.  It is typical to see the plants, materials and colours of the surrounding landscape and borrowed views becoming integral to the design and giving each landscape a strong sense of place. 


In each situation, the objective is to bring together all the functional elements required in the landscape in a beautiful and cohesive design that is in harmony with the landscape and architecture that inspired it.  These values in the design process materialise as an authenticity and uniqueness in each landscape.  


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